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Inversion Point is pleased to announce a new release of Jirassimo Emails Reminders Notifications containing a new feature to simplify some of the challenges you face when doing queries in JIRA.  Our JQL pre-saved filters allow you to quickly access queries for the information you need to get your work done.

JIRA allows you to specify cherry-picked JQL conditions to search issues and save them as named queries. The next time you want to run a sophisticated search for issues, you will be able to select the appropriate saved query from the “Issues” menu. All the relevant queries will be displayed. Frequently, Jirassimo messenger configuration requires precisely the same JQL filter as defined in the host JIRA instance. Now, you can get it in two clicks. Just create a new messenger and select the filter from the popup called “Favourite filter”. It will appear in the JQL filter field. Simple and convenient - no more error-prone retyping or copy-pasting.

In this version, you will find several bug fixes and improvements to further enhance your experience with Jirassimo Emails Reminders Notifications.

These fixes and new feature will help ease the adoption of Jirassimo within your team. Stay tuned, we have more new features coming your way soon.