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Do you need a powerful web form to collect data into your JIRA or ServiceDesk? From any website?

You found it! With our new add-on Raley IntakeForms you can:

  • Create a JIRA-bound form that can fit into any webpage or Confluence 
  • Completely hide JIRA complexity from your end-users making data submission a breeze
  • Customize language and styling 

We have first-class support for both standard and custom JIRA fields, thus making sure that the data submitted will nicely fit into your project schema. All you have to do is to tell us which JIRA fields should be populated and Raley will take care of rest. You can create as many forms as you want for different projects and issue types. 

Too many controls on the page? IntakeForms support dependent and conditional combo-boxes to make your form user-friendly and please the eyes of users!

Creating the form is super simple! Everything is point and click and requires 0 programming effort. With out WYSIWYG editor you'll immediately see the form how it will look like when embedded to your website. 

Integrating the form into website is a matter of copy and paste! Seriously (smile)

Even more, we offer a free Confluence add-on to transparently integrate with Raley IntakeForms.

Raley IntakeForms is like JIRA IssueCollector on steroids!  


Complete feature list

  • Unlimited number of collector forms
  • Create once - use anywhere (any website, we also have free plugins for Confluence and Confluence CLOUD)
  • Custom label and description of every field in your language
  • Provision of default values for fields not rendered in the form
  • Validation rules for fields
  • Dependent HTML controls
  • Dynamic show and hide of fields
  • Custom validation rules

Raley IntakeForms is availble for JIRA Cloud.

Want to learn more or help us to shape the product - register your interest or send us an email message: 


Register your interest in Intake Forms for JIRA Server

We will notify you as soon as we are ready. No spam
So, we know what version of JIRA we should have as minimum supported version
To help us with testing and shaping the product to your needs

Raley IntakeForms for JIRA is available on Atlassian Marketplace


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