Problem: you want to send an email which contains Approve and Decline buttons for approving or declining a Service request with permissions. Similar functionality is available in JSM Server version and described here

Solution: Create a new Raley notification configuration that looks like the following:

In the example above, the notification configuration will listen for creation of requests of type "Service request with approvals" in project MJSM. Once such request is created, it will send an email to Request Approvers 

Note, that we have Send us value set to Separate emails - this will ensure that every Request approver (in case you have several) will receive a valid email with buttons for his/her approvals only.

The Message template could be as simple as this:

A new service request needs your approval<br>
$!issue.fields.summary <br>

$jirassimo.approveButton($issue, "customfield_10118")

$jirassimo.declineButton($issue, "customfield_10118")

You will need to change customfield_10118 to the custom field code that corresponds to a custom field which holds Approvals in your instance. You can figure it out by clicking on Issue field picker button and then selecting Approvals → Id

NB! Your JSM ticket must have request type assigned, otherwise, the approvals will not work.

Clicking on Preview Notification will give show you how an approval email would look like:

Every approver will receive a separate email with unique tokens that only he or she can use for approving/declining a JSM service request. Clicking on the button will Approve or Decline a service request in his/her name.

How does it work?

For every generated Approve/Decline buttons pair Raley will generate a unique approval token for specific ticket, Atlassian accountId and Atlassian instance.

Links in Approve/Decline buttons are pointing to Raley Emails Notifications service and contain that token, so, when we receive a request with a valid token, we'll Approve or Decline a Service request in the name of the user for whom that token was generated. A confirmation message will be shown after the Approval process.