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Beside standard Velocity constructs like @last @first, $myarray.isEmpty() or $myarray.empty there are several helpers which can address specific problems when running Jirassimo notifications.

boolean $jirassimo.isAfter($firstDate, $secondDate)

Used to compare if $firstDate is after $secondDate. Both dates must be either in yyyy-MM-dd or yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ formats.

Typical use cases of this function is checking whether update of the issue happened after $ or $context.yesterday or $context.onehourago. For example, checking whether issue was updated in last hour or since yesterday.

boolean $jirassimo.isSameUpdate($firstDate, $secondDate)

Checks whether the difference between $firstDate and $secondDate is less than 1 second. This is useful to check whether issue update and comment created happened during the same logical update.

Both dates must be in format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ

String $jirassimo.settingValue($key)

This function retrieves value from Settings based on $key supplied. Settings are basically collection of key=value pairs and they are helpful if you need, for example, to find out user's channel from his email.

String $jirassimo.formatDate($dateValue, $format)

Formats given $dateValue date using format in $format. If $format is omitted then MM-dd-yy hh:mm will be used.

String $jirassimo.formatNumber($numberValue, $format)

Formats given $numberValue using format in $format. Standard Java DecimalFormats are supported.


Sends attachments from current Issue to email/slack/hipchat. $pattern defines extensions that attachment must match against. If not specified then all.


Customises Slack avatar of Jirassimo bot. $customBotAvatarUrl must be an absolute URL of avatar image.


Retrieves a comma-separated list of emails of JIRA users belonging to specified JIRA group


Returns age of an issue in days

$jirassimo.userProperty($userKey, $propertyName)

Allows you to retrieve a value of JIRA property for the specified user key.  

$jirassimo.convertAndFormatDate($dateValue, $timezone, $format)

Parses the date from $dateValue and outputs it in given $format with specified $timezone. Timezone code must be one value from in column TZ*


Email only! Inlines Atlassian CSS to email elements to make it look consistently with Atlassian look-n-feel.


Allows to provide dynamic value for email "From name". This can be a hardcoded constant or a value from $issue, like $issue.fields.assignee.displayName


retrieve array of all keys in user-defined Raley notification settings


retrieve a comma-separated list of emails of users that are mentioned in specific text field. Example: $jirassimo.mentionUsers($issue.fields.description) will give you all users mentioned in issue description


For email notifications sets ReplyTo value

For email notifications sets Email Priority (X-Priority header value)

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