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Returns age of an issue in days


$jirassimo.userProperty($userKey, $propertyName)


Parses the date from $dateValue and outputs it in given $format with specified $timezone. Timezone code must be one value from in column TZ*



Given the Jira field, find users mentioned in it and return a collection of users' emails.

$jirassimo.interval ($firstDate, $secondDate, $unit)

Given two dates or datetimes in one of Jira cloud format: 

MM-dd-yy hh:mm
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
Find the absolute number of DAYS or HOURS between first and second date. Third argument ($unit) must be of value either "DAYS" or "HOURS"

$jirassimo.resolveNames ($inputCommentString)

Will search for occurrence of mentions that contain accountid and replace the accountid to fullname of mentioned user