Raley Emails Notifications is an app for sending customised Emails and Slack notifications to anyone from your Jira or JSM.

You probably came here because standard Jira/JSM emailing doesn't support a critical feature that your business needs. Have a look what Raley can do for you:

  • Send an email with fully custom template
  • Show any standard or custom field in email body
  • Use your company logo and styling
  • Send an email to external addresses or distribution lists
  • Send to an email address taken from a custom field
  • Send canned email directly from Jira issue view
  • Send email from workflow transition
  • Send the comments history in email
  • Send email from your own SMTP server
  • Dynamic from address and sender name
  • Send to CC and BCC addresses
  • Send attachments from issue embedded in email
  • Send email with Approve/Decline links for JSM ServiceRequest with approvals
  • Group all activities on issue into single email 

Check out the Getting started Raley Notifications - cloud

When you know the basics, it's time to see how to write a template 

See the recipes from our Cookbook on how to solve typical problems

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