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We aim to answer all support requests in one business day and resolving critical issues within two business days.

Vast majority of the features requested by customers were implemented and we intend to continue this way. Please send your feature request via our Contact page and we'll answer you shortly.  

Our Business hours are 8:00 AM — 9:00 PM (GMT+2), from Monday to Friday.

All our Apps are hosted in New York City, USA

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Navigate to top menu and click Try it Free! → App that you would like to be extended. You'll land on Atlassian Marketplace page for the specific app. Click "Try It Free" button in the upper right corner.

Raley Emails Notifications - cloud

Please read a short introduction to Raley Emails Notifications and check out the tutorials

Emails can be sent from the following IP's:

Check out our complete feature list for the cloud 

Raley Emails Notifications - server

No, our notifications system has nothing in common with Jira/JSM notifications. You can use Raley and Jira/JSM notifications at the same time without conflicting.

Raley does not switch off or modify in any way existing Jira Notification Schemes or JSM Customer notifications

We're supporting all Jira's from version 7 onwards.

Since April 2021 new features are added only to Jira8-compatible Raley app.

Please read our getting started guide for Raley Emails Notifications server.

Check out our complete feature list for the server 

Raley Intake Forms

Check out our IntakeForms getting started page 

You can read about the advantages of Raley Intake Forms in article 5 advantages of Raley Intake Forms over Jira issue collector.

At the moment Raley Intake Forms app is available only for Jira/JSD cloud.

However, if you have Confluence then we suggest to use the app from our partners - ConfiForms ( It supports all the functionality of IntakeForms and a lot more.

Yes, you need to use our app called Raley Intake Forms Viewer. You can download it on Atlassian Marketplace here

Raley Purchase Orders