Notifying on JIRA events

Raley can listen to the following events in your JIRA and react on them:

  • Issue:
    • created
    • updated
    • workflow status changed
    • assigned
    • deleted 
    • moved
    • comment added
    • comment edited
    • comment deleted
    • worklog added
    • worklog edited
    • worklog deleted
  • Project 
    • Created
    • Updated
    • Deleted
  • Version
    • Created
    • Updated
    • Released
    • Unreleased
    • Merged
    • Moved
    • Deleted

Notifying on Service Desk events

Listening and notifying based on the following ServiceDesk-specific events:

  • Request commented internally
  • Request commented publicly
  • Request commented internally or publicly

Notify on workflow transition

Our AddOn supports JIRA issue status change notification allowing you to define start and end status. When transition from A to B is happening, Raley will notify users of your choice. 

Full control on triggering notifications 

Notifications are configured per project(s), issue type(s), and event. Digested messaging is using JQL conditions to cherry-pick the issues your team is interested in. You can define your own logic that will further enhance whether the notification should be fired or not based on data in specific issue.

Digested notifications

Produces aggregation of changes, comments and work-log entries per JIRA issue for given period of time. You can specify a time intervals like once per day, once per hour, once per week on specific days etc.

Canned notifications

Allows you to predefine a notification that will be available in issue detail view for specific project and issue type(s). User can customise a pre-generated message before sending it out.

Notify both internal and external users


You can send notification to any address which is backed by JIRA field of type "user" or "group". Besides that, you can specify JIRA field of "text" type to retrieve addresses from.

Raley can send notifications to any email address (MIME and text/Plain), Slack channel or HipChat room. 

Notify with CC and BCC email copies

You can optionally notify send CC and/or BCC emails together with major notification email. This feature is supported for Jira issue events, Service desk events, Canned messaging, project and version events

Fully customisable content and design of the message

AddOn users have complete freedom in defining content, layout and styling of the message. Show any standard or custom Jira field as well as Element Connect fields. You can apply any HTML constructs to make your email truly custom and fitting your corporate style guidelines. Customise message depending on target user's preferred language!

Support for inline attachments

Raley transparently handles images added as inline attachments to JIRA or ServiceDesk comments, so that email recipients will see them embedded in email

Send issue attachments

Raley notification can send JIRA issue attachments via email or slack message.


Raley Notification can store all copies of the notifications sent out for later audit. Complete log of messages is available under "Raley Audit" tab in issue detail view.

Dynamic resolution of recipients addresses

Notification recipients can be configured dynamically. This applies to email addresses, Slack channels and HipChat rooms. You can either choose JIRA fields that contain addresses or use Velocity template to implement your own conditional logic for defining who should receive the message based on the data in current issue.

Send via Jira SMTP or your own SMTP server

Your notification can be sent either using standard outgoing email server which is provided by Jira, or, alternatively, using your own custom SMTP server account. The latter is useful for setting up JSM service desks Email Requests where you want to notify customers using the same account from which service requests are created.

Zero effort to to get the first notification working

You don't have to write a single line of template to get your first notification up and running. Raley will pre-generate the message template for you automatically!

Notifications configurable by JIRA admin and project admins

Both, JIRA admin and project admins can configure their own notifications. While project admin is limited by his or her project(s), JIRA administrator can configure notifications for any project.