Hello and warm welcome to Raley Purchase Orders (PO)!

PO is a little app sitting on the backbone of your Jira cloud that lets you efficiently manage purchasing process in your Organisation. 

It has a few distinctive features:

  • Your Jira users are creating Purchase Requests as Jira tickets
  • Those tickets are submitted for approval to specific Approver(s). Approvers are specific Jira users who have a right to say yes or no for specific purchase request
  • Approvers will receive a notification email when their say is needed
  • Approvers decide if specific purchase request should be approved. If approved, the purchase requests becomes a purchase order with a PDF file attached to your Jira ticket. You can send it via email to your supplier
  • The purchase order follows your Jira project workflow, which means that you can fully customise it as per your org. needs
  • Finance department and Approvers have overview of current state of budgets from the convenience of Jira
  • Powerful reporting let you see the actual state of your Purchase Orders across Departments, Budgets and Suppliers

There're 4 types of users in Raley Purchase Orders app:

  • Team Members - create Purchase Requests for themselves
  • Approvers - they Approve or Decline Purchase requests and also control budgets of their Department(s)
  • Finance people - manage Suppliers, Products and Budgets
  • Company Admins - Perform configuration of the applicationmanage company structure, users and permissions

Now you know the concepts, you can proceed with Purchase Orders Application setup