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Produces aggregation of changes, comments and work-log entries per JIRA issue for given period of time. You can specify a time intervals like once per day, once per hour, once per week on specific days etc. One of the most typical digests is notifying assignees about their tasks due in the past


Canned notifications

Allows you to predefine a notification that will be available in issue detail view for specific project and issue type(s). It will be sent when a user in your Jira will pick up the appropriate notification from Raley glance and click Send buttonYour Jira user would click on Raley Emails Notifications glance, pick up the right template and send the email.

Notify both internal and external users


Add Approve and Decline buttons to your notification on Service Request with Approvals ticket. Approvals would be able to approve or decline the request simply by pressing a button in the email. More information about this feature you can find here


Raley Notification can store all copies of the notifications sent out for later audit in issue comments.