Q: How to write a template for a scheduled notification that will be sending out issues which are beyond their due date. The notifications should be sent to assignees of the issues and issues 


1) Create a new Custom scheduled notification

2) Provide a CRON expression that specifies how often the notifications should be sent. In our case we want to send daily, so this will serve as a good start:

0 0 16 ? * MON-FRI *

3) specify condition that your issues should match again in JQL rule like this:

project in (YOUR_PROJECT_KEY) and or duedate > now()

4) Specify the report recipients by choosing Assignee in combo-box "To". The issues retrieved in step 3 will be grouped by value chosen in step 4, so you don't have to worry about how to send the right issues to the right people.


Email subject
Your overdue issues
Message template
Issues that have past due date <br/><br/>

<table border=1>
       <th>assignee email</th> 
       <th>Date Created</th>
       <th>Due Date</th>
    #foreach ($issue in $issues)