Raley notification allows you to send files added into Jira issue or ServiceDesk request as first-class email attachments. Here are the examples and explanations of the different ways attachments can be added.

Attaching all files from last comment

One of the most typical requirements is to send files attached with the latest comment in Jira or ServiceDesk to customer email.

In Jira or SD comment, files can be added as regular attachments or inline. Moreover, when adding file inline, it could contain both - an optional thumbnail in the comment text and the full version which will open when clicking on the thumbnail. Normally, the Jira or SD will require user to log-in to the portal to download the attachments.

With Raley Notifications you can handle comment attachments much better - all of them will be added as first class email attachments (both regular and inline). This code snippet below will do the magic for you:

#foreach ($att in $issue.lastcomment.attachments)

Sending attachments from issue description

#foreach ($att in $issue.renderedFields.descriptionAttachments)

Attaching files added during workflow transition

In Jira you can configure your workflow transition in such a way that user will be asked to provide a comment when transiting the ticket. Here's an Atlassian article explaining how to do that: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/how-to-add-a-comment-during-a-transition-779160682.html

But you can also add a file upload functionality there, so, the user can upload a new file together with comment when executing a transition. This file is not a part of the last comment and if you want to send it via email, then use the following code snippet

Sending a file added during workflow transition
#foreach ($item in $issue.last_change.items) 
  #if ($item.fieldId == "attachment")

Attaching ALL files that are uploaded to specific ticket


Attaching ALL pdf files uploaded to specific ticket


Instead of "pdf" you can specify any other file extension

Attaching several types of files


Will attach files of type pdf and doc

Attaching all files that satisfy specific condition

#foreach ($att in $!issue.fields.attachment)
   #if ($!att.filename.startsWith("invoice"))

The snippet above will attach only those files which filename starts with the word "invoice". You can add any custom logic in Velocity format here to check against author, size, mimeType and