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Version 3.6.2-J7

  • Fix - sending of comment attachment from canned notification

Version 3.6.1-J7

  • Fix - issue with attachments sending from canned messages

Version 3.6.0-J7

  • New - Support for "Work started" and "Work stopped" events

Version 3.5.0-J7

  • New - explicit support for issue resolved, issue reopened and issue closed events
  • Fix - better guarding for events not handled by Jirassimo

Version 3.4.3-J7

  • New - Explicit fromName and fromAddress assignment for outgoing emails

Version 3.4.2-J7

  • Fix - restored functionality of Jirassimo Properties

  • Fix - encoding issue - text in UTF-8 was unreadable in emai

Version 3.4.1-J7

  • Fix: inline attachments distinguishes between thumbnail and full file attachment

Version 3.4.0-J7

  • New - support for inline attachments in comments (JIRA and ServiceDesk)

Version 3.3.0-J7

  • New - support for sending ServiceDesk attachments that are added directly in comment
  • Fixed - JQL filter was not available for issue and SD events

Version 3.2.0-J7

  • New - added support for ServiceDesk comment events
  • New - multiple issue types per messenger
  • New - $jirassimo.formatNumber() function for convenient formatting     

Version 3.0.3-J7

  • Fixed - Maintenance release to address issues with email subject & accessing components

Version 3.0.2-J7

  • Fixed preview for digested notifications

Version 3.0.1-J7

  • Fixed backward compatibility with JIRA 7.0.x  

Version 3.0.0-J7

1) Introduced Canned messaging from issue detail page
2) Improved granularity of events for Issue-based notifications: issue assigned, issue moved, issue worklog added/updated/deleted,
 issue status transition, issue comment added/updated/deleted
3) Issue events, Canned messaging, version events and scheduled messaging are now scoped exclusively to JIRA project 
4) Jirassimo is available from the top JIRA menu to both: JIRA administrators and project administrators. Project administrators can
configure notifications only for those project(s) where they have administrator privilege. JIRA administrator can configure notifications
for any project. Project-type notifications are configured exclusively by JIRA administrator 
5) For email destinations you can now choose standard and custom issue fields where email addresses are stored. 
6) Option to omit sending notification to the author of change (user who triggered specific issue event)
7) Pre-generated subject and message body to get you on the track ASAP
8) Simplified templating - from this version only Velocity-style templates are supported. You can use "field picker" to easily get
the code for rendering specific field both, standard and custom. 
9) A number of "convenience" fields are introduced (comment added, issue last change etc). Those are helpful to get your first 
notification up and running in next to no time.
10) Greatly improved support for testing of digested notifications. When you provide the CRON expression, the system will calculate
previous run time and in preview you'll see all the messages that would be send as if this notification was run now.
11) Audit tab in JIRA issue detail view now stores all the messages sent for specific issue by Jirassimo
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